I was recently approached about being a contributing writer at Listicle and am looking forward to writing for them. So in addition to Thought Catalog and my own blog I have another outlet for my inane ramblings. Go check them out when they launch on July 9th!

Other Projects

In addition to working on this site and my book I’ve begun endeavors onto other sites for my writing.

I’m currently a Votopin Ambassador over at Votopin and work on their Blog.

I also have been contributing to Social Justice Solutions and have a few pieces published over there.

I hope you check them out.

Thank you.

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Praise For You

Since everyone has a page dedicating to the praise they’ve received (I even have one) I decided I’m going to praise you, the reader -

“You are awesome for reading this.” – Nick Bente

“You have a great smile.” – Nick Bente

“That shirt looks really nice on you.” – Nick Bente

“I bet you have a ton of friends and they’re all just as cool as you.” – Nick Bente

About the Author (Nick Bente)

Nick Bente received a Bachelor’s Degree in English in 2009. Nick is also an MBA graduate student at Oklahoma State University. He has been published in numerous journals and periodicals including Thought Catalog, Social Justice Solutions, and Votopin and is currently working on his first full length book. He lives in Dover, Delaware with his imaginary pet unicorn.


Visit him on Facebook

Follow him on Twitter @RealNickBente

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Praise for Nick Bente

“This is awesome” – Ashley Clasen

“I can’t stop reading” – Stephanie Lauren

“You’re a dork” – Amy Taub

“Nick Bente is a literary genius.” – Nick Bente

“[Nick Bente is] an offensive, loathsome dolt, with bad taste and terrible idioms…yet I can’t look away” – Alex Bente

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Any and all questions or comments can be emailed to me at-

“I am an artist
Please God, forgive me
I am an artist
Please don’t revere me
I am an artist
Please don’t respect me
I am an artist
You’re free to correct me

A self-centered artist
Self-obsessed artist
I am an artist
I am an artist
But I’m just a kid
I’m just a kid
I’m just a kid, kid
And maybe I’ll grow out of it.”


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